For a quick glimpse into the ADHD brain, here is what hyperfocus looks like.

This is the result of “I’m just going to clean out the fridge real quick before groceries…..” Usually, this means tossing old leftovers, maybe wiping down a shelf or two.

Today, it meant pulling everything out and scrubbing it. Using a hand vacuum to get the corners. Reorganizing. Wanting to label things. Spending 20 mins searching for my label maker only to find it without label paper. Deciding to create quick post it labels and then that escalating to sharpies and designs and double-sided tape.

Two hours of my time gone, and all of it completely out of my control. Yes, I do have a clean fridge out of the deal, which is lovely. And I have learned enough in the last year to know that I have the power to set boundaries to pull myself out (today’s was: refrigerator only. Freezer can wait. *sigh*), and that it’s likely I should be asking myself what it is that is feeling out of control for me right now. Hyperfocus rarely pops up without a backstory.

For now, I’ll enjoy my clean fridge.

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