Adventures in Mommyland

Mommyland = My mom hitchhiked it out west for a visit.

Ok, so she flew like a totally normal person.

We were go, go, go the entire time she was here. The weather was quite cooperative for an Oregon October, so that made all our exploring much more enjoyable! The clouds stayed away long enough for Mom to catch a pretty stunning glimpse of Mt. Saint Helens as we were driving up – then we got to watch the fog roll in from 4,000 feet.

With my mama in front of Mt. Saint Helens

It was neat to take my mom around what I am beginning to see as my “home”. The landscape is so different out here, but I have grown more used to it over the last 7 months. It was interesting to hear her fresh comments about how green everything was, how different the trees were, how high up the mountain roads take you… was great to explore all over again. For a few days, I got to take in all the excitement all over again, just like when we first moved and everything was so new.

Running through the corn maze

Everything about fall makes me happy. Well, I should rephrase: everything about the fall I know makes me happy. I find that I am torn between my normal excitement for the changing leaves, the fall family fun, and holiday activities on the horizon, and the knowledge that I am mere weeks (maybe days?) away from rain for the next 200+ days of my life. Hubby’s family is coming for Thanksgiving, my dad in December, and my baby sis over New Years – and I have not a clue what to do with them while they’re here. I have so many cool places I want to show them, but not a one of them are winter-season excursions. It’s no use taking them up a mountain just to point off into the distance and say, “Ok, if you can imagine that those clouds are NOT there, right now you are looking at a [volcano, waterfall, gorge, ravine, coastline].”

Multnomah Falls

I wish that it wasn’t quite so black or white when it came to “the good time to visit Oregon”. Although, I suppose the flipside to that is that any visit from June-September is pretty much guaranteed to be awe-inspiring. Note to the people I love: June-September, unless you really enjoy the inside of a townhouse.

So, for now I will enjoy the changing days as they come – along with the occasional, unexpected sunny afternoon. On those days I will buck my system of responsibilities and demand that everyone that is awake be outside at all times. The tough part is not letting the dreary and rainy days drag you into a funk of couch-lounging. While it’s great on occasion, it can certainly eat you up and spit you out to the point when you aren’t really sure what happened to the last week of your life. I try very hard not to get sucked into those places, but sometimes it is not an easy task.

Being away from my family is a hard thing to swallow, but it’s comforting to me to know that the holidays are in view from here. Holidays, no matter which ones they are, always make me happy, and I know that this year will be a year of building new family traditions that are just for us. We can miss those we love, but still know that this is a time that brings our little family in even tighter. I was so happy to have Mom here, the girls loved their time with her, and it was nice to have my little dose of home. But, for now, it’s back to normalcy, which isn’t really so bad. 😉

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