Feeling a little discouraged.

I have lost my way a bit in my challenge. I discovered a few things I need to either adjust or overcome in order to actually make this a worthwhile life change. It’s an evolution, right?

  1. Some days it just.doesn’t.make.sense to go through a whole song and dance. Gym days that also include shuttling both girls to two different activities at two different time? I think just a quick shower after my workout should suffice. I think I should adjust my personal challenge to, let’s say, 5 out of 7 days. I think I should be allowed two days a week for (reasonable) slumming should it be appropriate. If I’m going to be home all day, then going to the gym at 4:00pm, do I really have to get all dolled up to sit at home…only to take it all off and put on my workout clothes? Eh, that seems a little silly. I think I could just start the day out in my gym clothes, a ponytail, and call it a day.
  2. This past week’s snag was a pretty obvious one – I only have so many things that I feel cute in. Getting dressed does NOTHING for you if you feel like crap in what you’re wearing. I spent all day cleaning out my closet, and have vowed to use my personal spending money (my blow money, for any Dave Ramsey fans out there), to buy myself pieces that I LOVE, that I FEEL GOOD in, and that FIT me at the size that I am – not the size I wish I was.

I am trying to make myself better – a better woman, wife, and mother. To be honest, I think it needs to be in that order. They all feed off each other, and I think I need to start in the right place so I can end up at the right goal.


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