Day #10

Recap of yesterday:

Yesterday was MUCH better than the day before. I felt good and it trickled down into everything else I did. Overall, it really was a great day.

Day #10:

I don’t normally talk about the day as it’s happening, but something strange happened this morning and I think it may be worth noting as an experiment point. I started the day like this…

It’s not that it’s bad – actually, that’s one of my favorite shirts. The jeans are more of a trouser style, and I usually save them for the in-between dressy occasions like church or a nicer-than-usual dinner. It actually kind of felt strange to be wearing them outside of what I considered to be an appropriate occasion. I put BG on the bus and came back home, and started thinking about whether or not I wanted to go to Friday playgroup. That’s odd, because that’s something I look forward to all week! I was feeling the funk.

So, I thought, “Maybe I pushed too much today.” I thought that perhaps putting myself “together” didn’t mean that I had to be dressed to the image standard of when I am called to be on my best behavior. That’s not me. I fully recognize when that version is necessary, but it certainly isn’t necessary all the time. I ditched my duds and went back to the drawing board. It took me about 5 minutes to throw on an outfit that changed my mood and made me smile. NOW it’s going to be a great day!

And, just because……RAWR!

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