Day #7

Recap of yesterday:

So, yesterday started out with killer potential, then I squandered it away, and then I regained a little ground and brought things back under control. I got up, put BG on the bus, and then went straight to the gym (win!). Then I planned on coming home, showering, and changing before heading out to do our grocery shopping for the week, but LG, in her infinite 3-year-old wisdom, derailed my intentions with a, “Why don’t we just go to the store now while we’re already out? Then we can be home and be home for a long time.” Ah, yes, little one, you make sense…..BUT, that meant I went to the grocery store all grossed-up from the gym, AND without my week’s meal plan in hand (fail!). I got home and had a yummy salad (win!), but then lounged around on the couch in my gym clothes for a very, very long time (fail!). By the time it was creeping up on picking BG up from school, I finally got around to showering and dressing, and from then on the air of the afternoon changed. I really, really need to remind myself how much I need to discipline of putting myself together. It is pretty obvious that motivating myself is impossible when I am slouching around. I need to tap into the feelings I have when I make myself take this challenge seriously, so that I can move forward instead of taking steps back.

Day #7!

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