Day #5

Sorry for the super delay today. I did snap my pic this morning, but then we were (as usual) late heading out to church. Sunday is also football day, and we have Sunday Ticket…so when I say “football day”…..

Also, the hubster and I had a fantastic date night tonight, and in talking about my personal motivation challenge I’ve got going on here, he has challenged my to go 90 days. (Wahhhh? Crazy talk….) However, I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, and he did have some solid corporate mumbo-jumbo (Love you, honey) about many plans and goals losing steam between 30-45 days, so he makes a good point. I do not, however, have 90 independent outfits, so you’re going to have to expect repeats. I will be featured in People magazine under the heading, “Lauren loves her……DKNY jeans!” And then they’d show 10 pictures of my wearing them with different shirts. They’d be right; I DO love my DKNY jeans. I bought them on super clearance at Macy’s a few months ago, and they are fantabulous. I recently went back to try to find a second pair that were more dress-up friendly, since these are distressed, baggy, and long, but no other pair came close.

Does anyone happen to have a brand of jeans that they swear by?

Ok, back to business.

Snagged this dress for $15 at H&M yesterday and was super-duper thrilled. Seriously, $15. $10 + $5. I practically stole it.

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