I don’t hate laundry.

I don’t hate laundry. I find it to be a frustrating ongoing chore, but if you keep up with it, I don’t suppose it’s so bad. I remember reading a handy little tip in a housekeeping magazine that if I just did one load of laundry a day, I would never be overwhelmed! Well, imagine that. Thanks for the tip, Mrs. Obvious McObviouspants.

Really, though, I don’t hate doing laundry. It’s definitely not my least favorite chore. Showers definitely win that trophy – cleaning them, not taking them. (Although, sometimes I’m slack there, too.) What I DO hate about laundry is the obstacle course I must go through in all rooms of our house just so I can start the washing machine in the first place. We’re better overall about hampers than we used to be, but I must admit that, as a family, this is not our strong suit. So, rather than just trotting off to the laundry room with a full basket in hand, I have to start by getting on my hands and knees and digging socks out from under the bed, behind the dresser, inside the sheets, behind the bathroom door, and at the foot of the couch. Then I have to gather up the fifteen outfits that I tried on, hated, and threw on the floor….which were not technically dirty before, but have been doubling as a dog bed for 3 days, so…….

“Oh, I remember that I had to change Little Girl’s shirt when we were out the other day, and I think her dirty one is on the floor in my car.”

Oooh…my car is pretty disgusting. I should get on this after I throw this load of laundry in. (Never happens.)

Man, doing laundry is hard.

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1 Response to I don’t hate laundry.

  1. lol, well, I didn’t mind laundry up until today. I made an unsmart decision to wash the outside dog’s blanket and the sink overflowed. So… today’s been a mess. Otherwise, laundry isn’t so bad.

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