Day #3

Recap of yesterday:

As I said before, yesterday I had nowhere in particular to go. So getting dressed, putting on makeup, busting out my decade-old curling iron; that was all for me. (Well, and my hubby when he got home. I’m sure he was surprised not to see me in my monkey pajama pants at 4:30 in the afternoon.) It was challenging in the morning. It took a lot of effort to convince myself to get ready. As a result, I wasn’t even dressed until much later in the morning than I’d like for the purpose of this experiment. That was a lot of wasted morning hours!

However, as soon as I got myself dressed, snapped my pic, and posted my blog, all that changed. I actually did sit back down on the couch for a bit and watched a Reba rerun on Lifetime, but before it was even over I was feeling antsy. I felt like I needed to get up and do something. It didn’t seem right to sit on the couch with my feet up when I was wearing such a adorable dang shoes!

From that point on, it was a great day. I caught up on laundry, organized my dresser, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms….and none of it even took that long. I was kinda cranky with myself for always letting clean laundry pile up when it only took me about 10 minutes to fold it and put it away once I got started. Seems silly to always put that off so long! I did sit back down to enjoy yesterday’s episode of “Ellen” while I ate my lunch, and it was perfectly relaxing. By the time it was over, though, I was done sitting. Little Sister and I spent the afternoon playing princesses until it was time for Big Sister to get home. We did her homework, had dinner as a family, and then busted out Guess Who. It was a great day, and I fully believe my mood change was directly related to not feeling frumpy!

Bonus: After I got the girls to bed, I went into our bedroom and changed into my monkey jams. Comfy. I pulled my hair back, washed my face, and then suddenly felt like I was “off the clock”. It was great. From that point on, I was able to lounge around and watch TV with the hubster with no guilt – no nagging inside my head that I was lazy and should have gotten something done today. I DID get something done today. I got a lot of somethings done today! Now, I was enjoying some relaxing time with my husband; simultaneously watching Big Bang Theory reruns and playing a back-and-forth game of cell phone scrabble. (He beat me. He always beats me. One of these days….)

I’m excited for the day ahead! Day #3:

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