It’s time to get dressed!

Do you feel better if you “dress” for the day? I know myself well enough to know that a day begun in my pj’s on the couch is going to be a day ended in my pj’s on the couch. Let’s try a little experiment. 30 days. Plans or not, errands or not….it doesn’t matter if I will be home all day and seen only twice by outside people (that would be at the bus stop), I will get fully dressed including hair and makeup. Let’s see if this really make a difference in the way I feel and the way my day goes.

Before I post today’s picture, let me start my saying that my day began like this:

Yes, that is a my coffee.

So, really, my day can only get better from here, right? Here you have it, my Day #1 ensemble:

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One Response to It’s time to get dressed!

  1. Looking fabulous!

    And it’s SO true. When you dress up (hair, makeup, etc), you DO feel better about yourself. I work by myself 95% of the time so I’ve gotten into the lazy habit of ‘dressing down’ more often than not and it definitely effects confidence.

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