Here’s the thing about Oregon….

In South Carolina, when you wake up on a crisp September morning and walk outside to find it a bit dreary and overcast, you think to yourself, “Oh! What a perfect day to just snuggle up in the house and watch movies.” You take a sip of your coffee, kiss your kiddo goodbye before she gets on the bus, and head back in to have a gloriously lazy day. And every Facebook status from New York to Florida* will back me up on that….

Let’s create the same circumstance on a September morning in Oregon. At first, you step outside into the crisp air and get all warm and fuzzy inside, because fall will do that to ya. Ooh, yay, fall is upon us! Then you glance up at the sky to see a gray sheet of clouds, followed by the realization that you’re getting drizzled on just a bit. You find yourself panicking and your thoughts race, “Ohmigod…did I miss it? Is it over? Was yesterday the last sunny day for nine months?? But I didn’t KNOW! Nobody TOLD me! (there may even be a tear at this point…it all depends on your early morning emotional state. For the record, mine is fragile.) SOMEONE should have said, ‘Go outside today! All day! Soak up the last of summer sunshine! Whatever you do, do not waste away your entire afternoon fighting off 100 people for 48 cent taco seasoning at Winco.’ Oh my gosh…what have I done? I’m so depressed…had I just known! I would have gone out and played tennis! Taken a hike! Gone to the zoo! Hightailed it to the coast! Or, well, at the very least walked to mail box instead of going in my car……everything is ruined. Just ruined. It’s over. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

Shortly after, perhaps when your coffee has kicked in, you’ve enjoyed a delicious bagel, and you are thinking more clearly, you will realize that maybe you overreacted a little. After all, it is only September, and surely one cloudy, drizzly, dreary day is not the end-all-be-all of the sun. The five day forecast may have already come up with five different ways to say “party cloudy”, but when are they right anyway? Besides, the summer didn’t just come in all at once or anything….it totally eased in as the rain gradually went away.

Or did it? Eh….it’s too early to try to remember all that…just drink your coffee, put on a movie, and bust out your Snuggie (or Slanket. I’m not here to start a war). The sun will be back out tomorrow. The weatherman said so.

*I only used that range because that’s where pretty much everyone I know is. No offense, Maine.

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