From zero to 60

The summer seemed like a busy time. It seemed like we were constantly running around, looking for things to do and places to go. Now, as I sit in the (unusual) quiet of a Tuesday morning counting my breaths to center myself a little, I am left feeling a whole lot of, “What in the world was I complaining about?”

Summer was a breeze! We slept in a bit, we went to the park, the girls had a few activities here or there, we went to see family, Mickey Mouse, and Salt Lake City….we stayed up late and all was well. The idea of looking back on it now as having been overwhelmingly “busy” is altogether laughable. Sure, there were hectic times, but overall I’d say it was a cake walk compared to months that lay before me now.

School. Ah yes, how eager I was for you to come and bring back structure into our lives.

What was I thinking?

Early mornings, homework, projects, tests…..intermingled with school volunteer pressure, afterschool activities, church meetings, an attempt to keep up with going to the gym (my “me” time, I must admit). I had forgotten all about the delicate dance that we do every September-June. Everything we do directly impacts the rest of the day, and being off by even a minute at times will throw the remainder of the evening completely haywire.

I think I see smoke coming from my obsessively organized Google Calendar….


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