Notes for myself

I have been desperately trying NOT to diet, but rather adjust my daily habits for better ones. I have been doing really well over the last two weeks or so, but today I took a turn, and I’d like to just jot down and remind myself of a few key points for the next time:

  • The last two weeks I have felt wonderful. I need to remember how good it feels to have clothes fit well and want to get dressed every morning. On top of that, I have had more energy, been in a better mood, and been more (overall) productive. Odd side effects of making better choices.
  • After my lunch today (Mexican – nachos and cheese, to be specific), I felt super-stuffed and miserable. My pants were instantly cutting into my overstuffed belly, and all I could think about was taking a nap. I have been lethargic and cranky ever since – the lethargic because I ate WAY too much, and the cranky because i know I ate too much and should have stopped myself.  I need to remember how this feels: NOT good. It is not worth the hours of misery for the 20 minutes of eating. I don’t want to deprive myself of foods I love, but there really is no reason to eat THAT much. I should have requested a half-portion, or chosen something much smaller to begin with. Lesson learned.
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