We’ve lived in this particular town for several years now. We’ve gone to the same church for that same amount of time. We’ve had several couple friends or individual friends that have come and go, and we have many casual friends that come for game night or the occasional dinner. It’s been a little lonely, only because many of our friendships seem more casual than deep, or because I was the one with the good friend, but our families didn’t really hang out.

So what happens? Approximately 6 months ago, we meet and click with the perfect “go to” couple. 6 months before moving across the country and starting over, we FINALLY meet people that, for all intents and purposes, are everything we could ask for in friends. I get along with her, hubby gets along with him, they have a daughter the same age as our oldest, they live right around the corner, they go to our church, they like all the same stuff, they’re genuine people who have fun but are totally not just “fairweather” friends…..where have these people been over the last 5 years? They pop up out of no where right before we skip town? That just isn’t fair! I mean, currently on our calendar, we have 2 dinners, a game night, trick-or-treating, a fall festival, family photos, and Christmas tree cutting with these people….not to mention all the impromptu shopping or after church lunches. It just kinda sucks that we would meet these people at the end of our Carolina run! They’re the Deacon and Kelly to our Doug and Carrie! (King of Queens reference, for those of you that were lost.) I know that friendships stand distances (our long-time best buds live about 5 hours from us and have for years), but I still hate that we finally carved out a little niche for our social lives and then it’s time to hit the road.

Just a vent. No real purpose. I just think I’ve been so focused on all the family we’re leaving behind, that I’ve forgotten we’re leaving some great friends, too.

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  1. OMG so funny my husband and I reference that Friends episode so many times…we can totally relate to not having any deep connections with any other couples.

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