Going the distance.

Hubby has traveled before. This is not a new thing, but something about this time feels much different. Perhaps it’s the distance (he’s never been 2700 miles away from me before), or maybe it’s the fact that we know this is the beginning of this separation period that we’ve been mentally preparing for since July. This trip is only a week, and then – YAY! – he’ll be home all of next week. But then he leaves again, and again the next week, and then after that again from 3 weeks at a time, and there’s no end in sight for that arrangement seeing as how we haven’t had one showing on our home yet. If we have to wait out the 6-month deal on this it’ll be March before there’s an end on the horizon. That’s a long, long time. I’m sure military wives would scoff at me for being so thankless for the time I do get with my husband, but I’m entitled to my feelings too and I’m not going to apologize for that. I understand there are those who have it way worse than I do, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt to watch my husband leave for the airport.

It’s kind of a blessing that I can’t sleep with Hubby’s not here, because it means I’m likely awake when he can call me – even though when it’s 8pm there it’s 11pm here. When he’s home, I’m yawning and whining at 8:30 that I’m ready for bed, so my staying up until 11pm is a pretty big accomplishment. The tough part is going to be arranging the times for the girls to talk to him. The time difference is kind of weird there because it’s bedtime (for them) by the time he’s just getting off work. That’s going to take some finagling. Skype is a wonderful thing, and I imagine we’ll be using it lots around here.

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